maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

Inner dynamics

In the core of all creation lies an amzing beauty and love for the world. Even in the darkest depths of all human endeavours, the basic structure of all life is still the same. By that basis building material’s principles of functioning we are all still parts of the whole biological world, of the paradise in the beginning of time. However malformed the present day world with all it’s artificialities may seem, it is still valid that all that functions is the healthy parts alone. And the principles of functioning of all that is healthy, may it be a small piece or a huge healthy subwhole of the whole world, all that functioning is wise like in the beginning of time. All that functioning is the action of a piece of paradise, of a pure untouched soul in a world which is partly broken and gone ashtray and partly intact, a piece of paradise like in the beginning of time. The action of a pure soul is to cure all back to it’s right tracks: to healthy natural paradise like ways of living and forming the whole wide world. When we sing in tune, it is the tune of the most paradise like paradise of all possible paradises: of the healthy natural world, it is the tune of love. And where there is conflict, misjudgement or maliciousness and evil, there some parts of the wholes have been broken, but still there what functions, sings the song of love, love for life, love for meaningfulness, love for a good understanding picture of the world, love for strength and wise cooperation, love for realism and solid truth, love for one’s inner nature and the nature of the world… This one may see, these are all parts of the song of love for the creation in it’s nature, for the multitude of shades of meaning in life in the ecosystem, for the inner nature of us all as feeling beings, as living beings with a vivid touch with the reality and the love for the whole wide biological world setting major goals in our soul.